Haematological Malignancy Diagnostic Service

About Us

HMDS is a Specialist Integrated HMDS (SIHMDS) medical laboratory that provides a diagnostic service for haematological malignancies, which includes leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma. The laboratory provides a comprehensive diagnostic service to the Yorkshire Cancer Network and The Yorkshire Coast and the Humber Cancer Network as well as receiving referrals from across the UK. HMDS also acts as a diagnostic reference centre for many national and international clinical trials.

HMDS was established in 1992 to bring together all of the laboratory techniques used to diagnose haematological malignancies.  HMDS utilises techniques of flow cytometry, histology and immunohistochemistry, and a wide range of molecular based techniques in the diagnosis of haematological malignancy. The analysis and interpretation of results across the techniques are the basis for the WHO framework for haematological oncology diagnostics and classifications. It has been widely recognised that integrating results from such techniques and technologies into a single report is the most the effective way to ensure diagnostic accuracy, and ultimately allow optimal treatment of patients. This is made possible at HMDS though the use of a bespoke laboratory information management system (LIMS), HILIS.

Over the years HMDS approach in the diagnosis of haematological malignancy has been strengthened by the rapid development of diagnostic technology, and is now regarded as the national standard of care. HMDS remains at the forefront of applying new diagnostic techniques for the benefit of patients.

Our aim is to ensure all service users receive a high quality, appropriate and clinically relevant service.

Leading the way in integrated diagnostics for haematological malignancies.