2017: Incorporating novel diagnostics into patient management

30th June 2017

Royal Armouries, Leeds

Royal College of Pathologists CPD: 5 credits

This year’s annual HMDS meeting will be held on Friday 30th June 2017. The day will explore the relationship between laboratory diagnostics and novel therapies in haematological malignancies. We have brought together experts in a number of less commonly diagnosed disorders. The aim is to look at diagnostic approaches and  how that can influence therapeutic interventions. As treatments become ever more targeted, the challenge for laboratories is to identify these targets (or suitable surrogates) in patients at diagnosis. Newer technologies, particularly in genomics, are key to achieving this.

The meeting will cover the whole spectrum of haematological malignancies, with sessions on myeloid malignancy, histocytic disorders, T-cell lymphomas and mantle cell lymphoma. There will also be a special session on Health economics in haematological malignancies.

Invited speakers include:
Professor Nick Cross, University of Southampton

Professor Matthew Collin, Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Karl Claxon, University of York

Professor Simon Wagner, University of Leicester

Professor Simon Rule, University Hospitals of Plymouth

The target audience for the meeting includes medical (haematologists, oncologists and laboratory) staff as well as laboratory scientists with an interest in haematopathology. There is a strong molecular bias in the meeting and healthcare scientists working in genetics or molecular pathology will gain from attendance. The meeting is suitable for both medical and healthcare trainees.

Programme 2017
This year, registration for the meeting is been organised by Hartley Taylor. The cost per person is £20 plus VAT.
Please click on the link below to be taken directly to the registration page here.