Haematological Malignancy Diagnostic Service

2016: Novel therapeutics and personalised diagnostics

24th June 2016

Royal Armouries, Leeds

The annual HMDS meeting returned to the Royal Armouries to explore the relationship between laboratory diagnostics and novel therapies in haematological malignancies. As treatments become ever more targeted, the challenge for laboratories is to identify these targets (or suitable surrogates) in patients at diagnosis. Newer technologies, particularly in genomics, are key to achieving this.

The meeting covered the whole spectrum of haematological malignancies, with sessions on myeloid malignancy, lymphoid malignancy, CLL and myeloma. There was also a special session on genomics which included a presentation from Professor Sue Hill, NHS Chief Scientific Officer, on the national strategy for the future of genomics.

Other invited speakers included:

Professor David Bowen, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
Professor Graham Jackson, Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Professor Mary Frances McMullin, Queen’s University, Belfast

Programme 2016